Tweet-tisments: A Potential new Trend in Television Advertising


Live tweeting is no longer a foreign concept to those who keep up with social media. There are a plethora of television shows that now have real-time twitter feeds running along the bottom of the screen during air time. Many award and contest shows such as NBC’s The Voice keep track of what is going on during the show through Twitter. The Voice even has a social media correspondent, Christian Millian, who is meant to bridge, “…the on air experience of ‘The Voice’ with the online experience and [bring] viewers closer to the competition,” (Social Media Correspondent Blog).

Advertising campaigns are utilizing twitter now as well. For me, the first campaign that comes to mind when I think advertising and twitter is Kmart’s Ship my Pants campaign that was meant to inform clients about their new “ship to home” service. Before the commercial even aired it all started with a hashtag on twitter. The idea was to get customers intrigued before the commercial even aired by making vague references in tweets that all carried the same hashtag and the response to the ship my pants commercial was staggering. The video went viral and was shared across nearly every social media platform imaginable, including twitter. As of right now the commercial has over 19 million views on youtube.

But what happens when you combined live tweeting and advertising? A Romanian Coca-Cola ad developed by Ad agency MRM Worldwide recently found out. The campaign addresses the fact that 6/10 people in Romania don’t eat meals together but instead eat alone and usually sitting in front of the TV. When the ads aired on twitter viewers could tweet their friends to invite them over for dinner and use the hashtag #LetsEatTogether in order to try and get their tweets aired on the commercials in realtime. Between 5-7 tweets aired per ad after being selected through software that MRM Worldwide created specifically for this campaign. These ads made the evening news in Romania as well as increased Coca-Cola’s Romania twitter followers by 15%.

Do you think something like this could be successful in the US? According to Nir Refuah, the general manager of MRM Worldwide said, “…such a program could conceivably run in the U.S. as well. One positive outcome: ‘It made people actually wait for the ad. How often does that happen?'” (Wasserman, 2013).


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3 thoughts on “Tweet-tisments: A Potential new Trend in Television Advertising

  1. One of the many principles behind social media is that it connects and unites people. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the Coca-Cola Twitter campaign had a larger effect on the population? This is a fascinating campaign.

    A campaign that I think would be good here in the US is something like #letseathealthytogether. Try to combat the epidemic of obesity.

    The US seems to love it’s SM!

  2. I love the ship my pants commercial! I thought it was so funny and I sent it to everyone I knew as soon as I saw it. I think that the US is definitely capable of having a large hashtag movement campaign because so many people hashtag things already and if they knew they would be on TV, it would absolutely make people hashtag more. I also think it is very interesting that so many people were actually waiting for the commercial to air so that they could see if they were on TV! I do not know many people who wait for a commercial instead of waiting to see a show.

    I love the voice and I am always interested in what people are hashtagging during the show because I like to know what the audiences opinions are and sometimes they tweet questions to the singer, who answers whatever question may be asked to them. It makes us feel like we have a chance to communicate with a celebrity in some way.

  3. First off, I think you really found some excellent examples. I love the ship my pants commercial, it really is so well put together. Everyone loves that commercial and attaching a hashtag to that is the perfect way to get people talking.

    Also, I think a campaign such as the one done in Romania would be extremely successful in the U.S. American’s always have their technologies and social medias on hand, and people love to feel as though they are a part of something. Honestly I think this kind of campaign is really clever, and could be done anywhere using various scenarios.

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